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There is a wealth of information this book will share with you. Prepare to be equipped with the knowledge you need to properly and confidently plan for your retirement.


“Finishing Well.” Have you ever prioritized your life goals with that phrase in mind? Too many of us haven’t. Yet God’s desire for us has everything to do with that statement. God desires us to finish well with the time, talent and treasure that He allows us to have this side of eternity (Jeremiah 29:11). Scott & Paul give us the tools we need to not only retire with confidence, but to help us prioritize our goals to finish well!

—Wayne Kurtycz, Campus Lead Pastor NorthRidge Church-Brighton


As a person who resists financial talk earnestly, I was pleasantly surprised to remain engaged and interested as the retirement season of life was demystified. The information that Carty and Durso presents is refreshingly uncomplicated. Retire with Confidence will guide you on a path to do exactly that.

—Joanna Lynne Krenk, Author of shoo g-er and Endurance


How do you build confidence in your financial future… HAVE A PLAN! This book lays out a simple template for a well thought out, written financial plan. Do you have one?

—Billy Downs, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist


Carty and Durso challenges the reader to create a retirement plan and have purpose for one’s life in the process. This book will navigate the way in a clear, concise manner to retire with confidence and leave a legacy to be proud of.

—Mark Savedes, Founder of Alekos restaurant & Humanitarian


Retire with Confidence is a logical approach to a secure retirement future! Scott and Paul have put into words the essence of planning for retirement. As a retired engineer/entrepreneur, who has heard a lot of advice throughout my life about how to invest, I find his book a refreshing guide to a purposeful retirement plan and a spiritual insight into who should guide our decisions.

—Richard D. Cox, P.E., Retired Founder/CEO of R&D Enterprises